Select Aviation Our business model is based on high performance and maximum return on investment.

We want our clients to trust our knowledge and abilities, believe in our core values and feel secure that their investment is well managed and safe.
  With an existing network of seasoned industry players we are able to implement travel outsourcing solutions effectively with speed to market focus.

Our solutions extend from client branded representation for projects requiring 100% dedication, to portfolio representation for projects requiring a non-dedicated approach with lower cost solution.

To achieve this we ensure to employ the right people with the right motivation to succeed.


Our BPO services range from call center, specialty customer service support, agency processing and problem resolution, customized sales and revenue reports, commission tracking, customer claims processing, and specialty functions such as monitoring pricing, e-ticketing and other document finishing services. Dependent on your needs and budget, these services can be performed for us.




Select Aviation taps the local expertise of our travel outsourcing sales team to craft clear, comprehensive and effective sales plans. Each sales plan is designed to dovetail with your global strategy and complement existing sales directives. Year after year, we build on these plans to maximize incremental sales and minimize market erosion, all the while firmly establishing your product by seamlessly blending your unique style with the particular demands and eccentricities of the local market.


The sales representative is dedicated to your company and is branded as your company when in front of the customer. People are carefully selected to match your company profile and image. You gain from having dedicated sales staff represent your company and sell only your products, creating greater focus in front of the customer. Sales representatives are seen as you by the customer instead of as Select Aviation. You have the same benefit as an internal sales force while at the same time eliminating administrative or legal burdens for your organization.




One of Select Aviation´s business process focus area is in call centers. We specialize in smaller boutique call centers, with full call center functionality to handle both consumer and trade needs. Our philosophy is to develop call centers to be sales producing revenue centers versus processing centers, and all of our systems are designed with this view.

We also make sure that the customer service standard is met and for this we have the latest technology offering through service "virtual PBX" all kinds of services that may suit your needs, such as personalized attention following your company's corporate standards, optimization of queues, priority lists for VIP calls, automatic call and re routing, attention in different languages and local languages, call statistics,  groups management, etc..


Select Aviation covers a complete portfolio of services and travel marketing and e-marketing solutions, covering trade and consumer to ensure customers are identified, understood, located and promoted to, with a strong commitment to brand management and a firm understanding of the return on investment.

Market Research and Product Positioning   
Advertising & Marketing Collateral Branding  
Media Plan and e-Mailing (creativities, contracting, campaigns)  
Distribution, Comunication and PR activities  
Events, Press conferences, Meetings  




  • Reporting, statistics and analysis
  • Price Audits
  • Customer Relations & Claims Processing
  • Agency Processing (BSP, ARC)
  • Agency Resolutions (ADM’s/ACM’s)
  • Financial Protection and Risk Management


Select Aviation counts with knowledge and a department dedicated to develop online activities. We tie together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and sales and our online services include search engine marketing, display advertising, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, interactive advertising, online reputation management and also Social Media Marketing Methods such as blog marketing, and viral marketing


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